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Pros and Cons of Voting for Biden. The Pros

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The Pros

Biden is a man whose government experience in Washington and around the world is extensive and has helped him to create some remarkably valuable relationships.  He is known and trusted by mayors and civic leaders in cities across the country, congressional lawmakers (even Republicans), and our allies around the world.  Relationship building is one of his greatest strengths as a person.  I have met him and his wife, Jill, in person.  He is attentive to every single person he interacts with.  It is not a show.  When Biden speaks to people one on one, he really listens to them and is right there with each person.

Caring about other people is part of the reason he is so remarkably good at relationship building.  He will cross a street to ask someone who is begging for money about their story and he will try to help them (according to one of his good friends). When he is campaigning he wants to meet everyone at the burger joint and talk with them including their kids.  He will bend down and talk with children, ask the kids who their favorite teachers are and what they like to do for fun.   Joe really likes and cares about people.  Joe has overcome stuttering in his life but he still has lingering moments when he looks down to gather his thoughts to avoid stumbling over a syllable.  He has been known to send personal letters to people who write to him.  One of the most compelling letters he has written was to a young man who also stutters.  He expressed support, compassion and encouragement.  This is who he is.

Many people already know that Joe Biden has suffered losses in his life.  A car accident took his first wife and daughter.  He had two remaining sons and one of them, Beau, was lost to cancer.  Joe Biden totally and personally understands the need for affordable health care for all Americans and, most importantly, he is deeply committed to helping Americans get that health care. If elected I believe that he will find a way to make the Affordable Care Act work for Americans.  He sees himself as a person who is serving Americans and his job in government is to help Americans have better lives.

Biden is a man of integrity.  He was sent to Ukraine by Barack Obama to help clean up corruption there because he has a long record of being honest, fair-minded and ethical.  When it comes to Hunter’s decision to be on the board of Burisma, Joe Biden would say it was not his decision as the father of an adult son to tell his son not to take that position.  Joe Biden never thought that someone like Trump would someday be president and falsely allege that he or his son was corrupt when they weren’t.  Hunter was also reasonably qualified to sit on that board, unlike what Trump and the right wing cable news hosts would have you believe.  “(HunterBiden, a trained lawyer, had (already) served on the board of a U.S. company and had also formed an investment firm with fellow Yale graduates.”  Numerous prosecutors in Ukraine investigated Burisma.  There was no wrongdoing by Hunter Biden or Joe Biden.

One of the pros of voting for Joe Biden is that he has the potential to win big in the cities, the suburbs and the Rust Belt states that are ground zero for the Dems to win this November.  His authentic relationships, with firemen, union workers and other salt of the earth kinds of guys make him an ideal candidate to win big in 2020.  That’s part of the reason Trump fears him as an opponent.

Another reason to get Joe into the White House is that he will attract the best and the brightest talent to join his team.  These capable, more seasoned people will flock back to Washington to help repair the damage from the Trump administration, many who worked in the Obama administration will be excited to come back to help out.

Trump will try to call him a socialist but unlike Bernie and Warren, it will not stick with Biden.  People know he isn’t.

When I analyzed Joe Biden’s handwriting, what stood out was that he thinks in bursts and sometimes has breaks or blips in his train of thought. He can interrupt himself with a new thought even while speaking.  (Many other people do that too, by-the-way.  When people do that they can sound like they are missing a beat or scattered in their thinking.)  We have seen evidence of that on the debate stage now and again.  I have spoken with friends of his and people on his campaign; they agree that Joe can meander at times but they also agree that he is capable, kind and caring and has the best interests of all Americans at heart.  This is just who he is.

I have asked people about his low energy level.  Is that true about him?  What I learned is that he, like Obama, really cares about having a family life and wants to work hard all day but be home in the evenings.  He is said to have a lot of energy and that Trump’s branding is inaccurate.  He is not driven and obsessed as Trump is by many demons.  Biden is a far more peaceful person who is comfortable with himself and has purpose and meaning in life derived from relationships and doing good for the country.

Joe also tells long stories that are mostly personal stories, yes.  But it’s not about how great he is or how much better he is than other people as is with the current president.  He has never been rich monetarily or wanted that.  Instead he sees the richness in life coming from the people he cares about and the mission of helping the world be better.  His handwriting reveals that he is kind of like a Mr. Rogers: by that I mean a man with terrific values, who is honest, ethical, and has a profound sense of compassion.  If you think Mr. Rogers would be a good man to have as president, a role model you would like for your children, the opposite of and certainly an antidote to Trump, vote for Joe Biden.


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