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Is Trump Really Taking a Drug That Could Kill Him? 2

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Still other commentators wonder if Trump is promoting this drug to help friends who have a stake in companies that sell hydroxychloroquine.  Fox News host Laura Ingraham as well as other Fox News personalities Carlson and Hannity. were pushing this drug big time on Fox News for awhile, but abruptly stopped a few weeks ago after it was shown to be linked to heart attacks and death in some Covid patients.  You have to wonder if they had a stake in companies selling the drug.

And how about Trump’s own family? Do they stand to make money from the sale of this drug? Trump has a long and storied track record of promoting himself and looking for the quick fix  to make a buck.  Trump steaks. Trump hotels. Trump golf courses. Trump University. It would be consistent with his usual approach to life to want to make money off of a fast cure for Covid-19. He says he has no stake in the drug.  But do we believe him? Trump has been caught making over 17,000 false and misleading statements.  Hmm. Not a good track record.

Because Trump is such a liar, we may never know for sure if he is or is not taking hyroxycholoquine.  He might be saying this to get the libs upset. Trolling the libs seems to be one of his main goals in life. But if that is his motivation he has sorely misread the libs. If and when Trump keels over dead from a heart attack because he took hydroxycholoquine, the libs will be dancing in the streets. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

And speaking of death, Trump is losing the support of older American voters over 65, a crucial part of his voting base, who are afraid this virus could kill them and that Trump is not protecting them.  Trump’s losses with this demographic correlate to his coronavirus briefings. Those briefings showcased Trump’s divisiveness, misinformation and lack of leadership.

Everyone wants the economy re-opened, but other countries are doing a better job of it with massive testing, tracing and isolating to identify the sick and keep the sick away from the well.  Without testing and tracing, the well have to isolate themselves from the rest of the world to stay safe.  That includes older Americans at risk by reason of their age.  Our government is also screwing up by re-opening without regard for the data and numbers that should be the drivers and indicators of which regions are ready to re-open and which are not.  This is not sitting well with seniors who vote.

Mr. Trump’s advantage with older voters has been essential to his political success; in 2016, he won voters over the age of 65 by seven percentage points, according to national exit poll data.

A recent Morning Consult poll found that Mr. Trump’s approval rating on the handling of the coronavirus was lower with seniors than with any other group other than young voters. And Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee, in recent polls held a 10-point advantage over Mr. Trump among voters who are 65 and older. A poll commissioned by the campaign showed a similar double-digit gap.

The falloff in support comes as Mr. Trump has grown increasingly anxious about his re-election prospects, with a series of national surveys, as well as internal polling, showing him trailing in key states. (NYT)
Whether Trump himself is really taking hydroxychloroquine or only pretending to, simply by claiming that he takes it, he is encouraging his loyal base to protect themselves against Covid-19 by taking this stuff. Trump has also ordered his campaign to re-start the mega rallies he loves so much, which would pack in his followers together in large numbers, exposing them to the virus which is transmitted mainly by aerosols produced when people breathe. You know, Trump is getting mighty close to channeling cult leader, Jim Jones, who got his cult followers in Jonesville to “drink the Kool Aide”, which was laced with cyanide, and, as we all know, those cult followers are now dead.  You have to wonder if Trump doesn’t care if some of his cult base have heart attacks and die from using hydroxycholoquine and others contract Covid-19 from attending his rallies. Could it be he is so desperate to win he would sacrifice any number of his followers? Is he capable of that level of betrayal? What do you think?

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