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A Price On Pollution And A Real Climate Plan


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We will continue to lead with a price on pollution and a plan to help reduce emissions.

Climate change is already having a serious and irreversible effect on people, on our communities, and on our economy. We can’t afford half-measures or a wait-and-see approach.

That’s why, starting this year, it is no longer free to pollute anywhere in Canada. We put a price on pollution to help reduce emissions, and introduced a new rebate system that puts more money back in the pockets of Canadians.

We will build on our national climate plan with new measures to help move Canada toward a net-zero emissions future, including strengthening existing rules to cut emissions from Canada’s biggest polluters, including oil and gas.

We will plant two billion trees to clean our air and protect our communities.

Canada’s vast forests, grasslands, and wetlands help clean our air, safeguard our water, and provide a home to wildlife. But just as nature is under threat from climate change, it can also be a critical ally in the fight against it. Natural climate solutions like planting trees and protecting grasslands can help us get closer to reaching our targets for lower emissions.

To better support healthy ecosystems that help fight climate change, we will move forward with an ambitious plan to plant two billion trees over 10 years. This will help create about 3,500 seasonal jobs in tree planting each year, and will be part of a $3 billion commitment to better conserve and restore forests, grasslands, agricultural lands, wetlands, and coastal areas.

As part of this commitment, we will also help cities expand and diversify their urban forests, will invest to protect Canada’s trees from infestations, and will help rebuild our forests after a wildfire.

We will help people and communities deal with the realities of increased climate-related risks and disasters.

Canadians know all too well that a changing climate comes with real risks to our safety, to our homes, and to our ability to make ends meet.

To help people get ready for climate risks and realities, we will move forward with programs that help protect against some of the worst effects of climate change. We will:

protect homeowners who are at high risk of flooding and don’t have adequate insurance protection, by creating a low-cost national flood insurance program;

help Canadians better understand the risks they face when they buy a home, by working with provinces and territories to complete all flood maps in Canada; and

develop a national action plan to assist homeowners with potential relocation for those at the highest risk of repeat flooding.


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