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Democrats Defense Spending & Public Opinion : republicanviews.org

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Defense Spending Cuts As Budget Relief
Democrats state that they do not support short changing the military, but that, “in our current fiscal environment, we must also make tough budgetary decisions across the board — and that includes within the defense budget.” They believe that Republicans wish to overspend on the military, not that they wish to underspend. For this reason, they seek defense budget cuts as a means of budget relief. The Democratic Party believes that a good portion of military spending is outdated, stating, “se will continue to get rid of outdated Cold War-era systems so that we can invest in cutting-edge technologies and maintain a versatile set of capabilities required to execute a wide range of military missions.” These “Cold War-era” systems include nuclear weapons technologies. For the reason, the Obama administration has arranged large cuts to the defense budget.

Public Opinion On Military Spending
The public opinion on the defense budget is incredibly divided, and has been divided throughout history. The most recent Gallup Poll data shows 37% of Americans stating that they believe the nation spends too much on the military and 20% of Americans saying they think spends too little. The remaining percent seems to be happy with the current levels of military spending. The public’s perception obviously fluctuates along with the fluctuations in military spending itself, with high percentages believing spending was too high in the 1970’s, 1990’s, and in 2002, right after the budget was raised post 9/11. Now that spending has been cut, the public is more divided on the issue than it has been in decades. This makes the issue of military spending a particularly hot-button issue as the 2016 election draws closer.


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