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Workforce Training and the Job Market. Republican Opinion


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One of the most important things to correcting the job market is creating a highly trained workforce. The current 47 retraining programs at a total cost of $18 billion annually that the federal government runs are showing results far below what their attendees and the taxpayers that fund them want and need. To remedy this issue, Republicans propose consolidating these programs into State block grants, which would allow training to be coordinated with local schools and employers. They would also like to see states establish “Personal Reemployment Accounts, letting trainees direct resources in ways that will steer them toward long-term employment, especially through on-the-job training with participating employers.”

Republicans support embracing immigrants that can positively contribute to the workforce and help expand the economy. They believe this can be achieved “by a policy of strategic immigration, granting more work visas to holders of advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math from other nations.” These immigrants can help the U.S. develop new markets and products, further healing the economy and easing unemployment numbers. Furthermore, Republicans would like to see foreign students that graduate from American universities with degrees in science, technology, engineering or math encouraged to remain in the country.

Republicans strongly support employee stock ownership. They believe that “employee stock ownership plans create capitalists and expand the ownership of private property and are therefore the essence of a high-performing free enterprise economy, which creates opportunity for those who work and honors those values that have made our nation so strong.” Today’s workforce needs more flexibility than ever before, and is happy when “allowed to innovate and rethink the status quo.” Employee ownership is the perfect way to foster these differences between the up and coming generation and those before it. Republicans feel that Democrats are “clinging to antiquated notions of confrontation and concentrating power in the Washington offices of union elites,” and that they need to embrace employee ownership in order to properly serve the workforce that will soon dominate the working population.


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