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  1. Polling Data Poll Date Sample MoE Biden (D) Trump (R) Spread RCP Average 6/1 - 6/16 -- -- 50.6 41.1 Biden +9.5 FOX News 6/13 - 6/16 1343 RV 2.5 50 38 Biden +12 Quinnipiac 6/11 - 6/15 1332 RV 2.7
  2. What will happen next? Trump’s election in 2016 brought out women across the country to protest with massive women’s marches not seen before in our country. That agitation and energy was transformed into political action- the result was the 2018 election that flipped the House. The next election needs to flip the Senate and regain the presidency. Biden has responded to this moment in our history by moving left of center and looking to FDR as a role model for policies he will support and implement. Biden has been meeting with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and others. These
  3. Why There is Hope At the time I worked as a prosecutor I did not know what could be done to change the culture of systemic racial injustice. But since then I have learned about restorative justice, community policing and many other ideas that work to shift the culture of policing. I no longer think the problem is hopeless. When the Obama administration left office, they left the Trump administration a valuable playbook based on years of research about how to implement 21st century policing. The guidebook is chock full of good ideas and suggestions. The Trump administration has totally ign
  4. 74% of Americans believe the death of George Floyd is a sign of a broader problem. Americans have become more aware of the harsh and unfair treatment of people of color at the hands of the police. The indefensible murder of George Floyd was a flash point that exposed police brutality in the most clear and shocking way. White Americans now understand that police are more likely to use harsh tactics with black people and that Ferguson and the death of Eric Garner were not isolated incidents. This growing condemnation of harsh policing, especially when it comes to black Americans, is par
  5. Biden has embraced the most left leaning policies in the history of our country. Read this Vox article: Joe Biden has a plan for that Not a joke, folks: He’s running on a transformative policy agenda. https://www.vox.com/2020/5/26/21257648/joe-biden-climate-economy-tax-plans If Biden were president right now we would have a federal plan in place to manage the pandemic using testing and tracing as they have done in places like New Zealand where they have NO cases of Covid anymore. That would allow businesses to open up without resulting in the deaths of more Americ
  6. The contrast between Joe Biden and Donald Trump could not be more stark. Trump has most recently engaged in a petty grievance battle with Twitter because Twitter had fact checked him about the outrageous lies he continues to push that mail in voting is somehow going to lead to rampant vote fraud. There is no evidence for that and Twitter slammed Trump with a fact check. So, Trump went ballistic. Predictable. Then Trump signed an executive order to try to punish social media companies that limit his so-called “free speech”, meaning: his fake news tweets. While Trump was engaged in his
  7. The Pros Biden is a man whose government experience in Washington and around the world is extensive and has helped him to create some remarkably valuable relationships. He is known and trusted by mayors and civic leaders in cities across the country, congressional lawmakers (even Republicans), and our allies around the world. Relationship building is one of his greatest strengths as a person. I have met him and his wife, Jill, in person. He is attentive to every single person he interacts with. It is not a show. When Biden speaks to people one on one, he really listens to them and is
  8. The Cons Some of the people running for president are more data driven and logical (Bloomberg) more articulate (Mayor Pete), and more inspirational and commanding (Sanders), more energetic and eager (Warren). If Biden is the nominee, he will be attacked by Trump and we will have to hear about Burisma again (yada yada yada). Hunter will be unfairly called corrupt. (Yada some more.) If there is a debate Joe might have to look down to catch his thoughts or he might have trouble getting a word in edgewise. He might not have a really good smart-ass retort. His jokes might be the kind you
  9. Still other commentators wonder if Trump is promoting this drug to help friends who have a stake in companies that sell hydroxychloroquine. Fox News host Laura Ingraham as well as other Fox News personalities Carlson and Hannity. were pushing this drug big time on Fox News for awhile, but abruptly stopped a few weeks ago after it was shown to be linked to heart attacks and death in some Covid patients. You have to wonder if they had a stake in companies selling the drug. And how about Trump’s own family? Do they stand to make money from the sale of this drug? Trump has a long and storie
  10. On Monday, May 19, Trump told reporters that he is taking hydroxychloroquine and another supplement to ward off the coronavirus. That caused a media ruckus because this flies in the face of current science and medical advice and, given that Trump has a heart condition, it might actually kill him. According to sources in the White House, and Trump’s own statement, he started taking these pills every day after being exposed to Covid-19 by one of his military valets, a man who interacted with him daily and served him his food. Trump claims he had a conversation with the White House doctor ab
  11. A strong economy delivers higher living standards, higher incomes and greater choice and opportunities for New Zealanders and their families. New Zealand needs a strongly growing economy if we want a world-class health system, better education for our kids and the modern infrastructure network we desperately need. New Zealand’s economy is driven by hardworking small business owners. Every Government should do what it can to reduce costs and uncertainty so that our small businesses have the confidence to take risks, invest, hire new staff and lift wages. This document is part of
  12. Our country is facing devastating and widespread national bushfires. They have been burning throughout the country for months now but today is shaping up as our most challenging day, with a state of emergency declared in NSW and Victoria while Tasmania and South Australia also face significant threats. We are well prepared, well organised and well resourced, but we are also realistic: These fire conditions are unprecedented, and the challenge is formidable. If fierce conditions prevail, today could be a dark day for our country. The rapidly escalating damage and the heart-breaki
  13. 4. REBUILDING COMMUNITIES The Australian Government is providing $2 billion over two years, to help rebuild communities and livelihoods. This $2 billion investment is on top of the existing disaster relief payments. It is an initial investment. If more is required, it will be provided. A National Bushfire Recovery Agency, led by former AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin, will co-ordinate the rebuilding effort. These funds will cover things like restocking farms, rebuilding roads and telecommunications, mental health support, attracting back tourists, small business support, p
  14. Our country is facing devastating and widespread bushfires. This requires us to do everything possible to fight fires, protect lives, and ensure communities are getting the support they need. 1. DEPLOYING THE AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE The Australian Defence Force is providing boots on the ground, planes in the sky and ships at sea, to support the bushfire fighting effort and recovery. For the first time in our history, the Government has enacted a compulsory call-out of the Australian Defence Force Reserve Brigades. This will provide up to 3,000 Australian Defence Force Reser
  15. The Federal Government will establish a new agency with an initial $2 billion for a national bushfire recovery fund to coordinate a national response to rebuild communities and livelihoods after the devastating fire-front has passed. The Prime Minister said the National Bushfire Recovery Agency would be funded with an initial $2 billion to ensure the families, farmers and business owners hit by these unprecedented bushfires would get the support they needed as they recover. “It’s a long road ahead and we will be with these communities every step of the way as they rebuild,” the Prime
  16. With devastating fires still burning across many parts of our country, governments both federal and state are doing all they can to save lives and protect property. The heroes in all this are our volunteer firefighters, emergency service personnel and members of the Australian Defence Force who have put their lives on the line to save others. It will take time to rebuild and the affected communities will not be able to do it alone. This is why yesterday the Morrison Government announced a $2 billion initial contribution to the new National Bushfire Recovery Fund. The fund will b
  17. Live from the Whanganui Opera House, on the final day of the 2019 Labour Party Conference, Jacinda Ardern announced the largest investment in school property in 25 years. Q: What is the announcement? A: A cash injection for almost all state schools in the country to upgrade their rundown classrooms and facilities. The announcement is the first part of our new infrastructure package, which we will be rolling out over the coming months. This is the largest one-off injection for school maintenance in at least 25 years, and will have a massive impact on schools and on jobs in the trades.
  18. We're backing our ethnic communities Aotearoa is home to over 200 ethnicities. This week we announced we're increasing the Ethnic Communities Development Fund from $520,000 to $4.2 million each year - meaning we can support more of the community initiatives that help build a stronger, safer more connected and inclusive society. The Fund will now be able to support groups to do more work, including: promoting ethnic diversity and understanding educating New Zealanders about the contribution of ethnic communities developing participation in employment and society supporting
  19. We're rebuilding New Zealand - our transport network, our hospitals, our schools and more... After nine years of neglect there's a lot to fix - but we're getting on with the job. We're rebuilding New Zealand Last Sunday we announced the first part of our new infrastructure package - with a big boost for school upgrades at nearly every state school in the country. This funding means nearly every state school will receive a capital injection next year between $50,000-$400,000 - $693 per student for most schools - to bring forward urgent school property improvements. The one-
  20. Just after 2pm on Monday this week, Whakaari / White Island erupted. “There is no limit to New Zealand’s capacity to mobilise, to respond, to care and embrace those impacted by tragedy – we are a nation full of ordinary people who do extraordinary things.” We've cut the ribbon on more climate progress in our dairy sector Climate action is about cooperation and innovation – and it was great to see our primary sector embracing both this week. Synlait Milk - a dairy processing company based in Canterbury - was visited by the PM this week, to celebrate the launch of the communi
  21. If you are serious about jobs you don’t cut money from TAFE. But that’s exactly what Scott Morrison did – cutting more than $3 billion from TAFE, apprenticeships and vocational education. Since the Liberals came to government, Australia has lost almost 150,000 apprenticeships and traineeships. TAFE cuts are hurting young workers who want to get their foot in the door, and workers who need to reskill. Youth unemployment is now above 20 per cent in parts of the country and thousands of workers lost their jobs after the Liberals and Nationals abandoned the automotive manufactu
  22. In their first two terms, the Liberal National Government cut $715 million from Australia’s hospitals – cutting hospital beds, cutting healthcare workers, and blowing out hospital waiting lists. Now in their third term, Scott Morrison is planning to cut another $2.8 billion from public hospitals. When you or your loved one is sick, the last thing you need is to worry about whether your local hospital has enough beds to give you the health care you need. Every day, more than 21,000 Australians will visit an emergency department - with our hard-working doctors and nurses overstret
  23. Liberal MPs have called for Scott Morrison to reverse the ban on nuclear power in Australia. Over 100 communities have been identified as possible locations for nuclear reactors and nuclear dumps – with many of them being near residential homes. When it comes to nuclear power, there’s a real possibility of catastrophic failure with devastating consequences. And power from a nuclear power station would be around three times more expensive than cleaner and safer renewable energy. Will you sign our petition telling Scott Morrison that Australians don’t want nuclear power?
  24. The Liberals’ school cuts mean our children are missing out – fewer teachers, less one-on-one attention, and less help with the basics like reading, writing, and maths. Labor believes Australian kids deserve the world’s best teaching – not the Liberals’ cuts. Their priorities are all wrong. Sign our petition and tell the Liberals that our schools deserve better. alp.org.au
  25. The Liberals and Nationals always attack Medicare. In the first term of this Government, the Liberals: Tried to impose a GP Tax. Tried to slash the Medicare Safety Net. Tried to increase PBS co-payments – even for pensioners In their second term, the Liberals extended the Medicare freeze to six years – cutting $3 billion from Medicare – and Tried to abolish Medicare bulk billing incentives for tests and scans. Tried to abolish the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, which provides Medicare dental services to vulnerable children. What will the third term Liberal National G
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